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Pacific Coast Enviro Turf- is about quality and fair pricing. Our turfs are the best artificial grasses on the market. We do not skimp on quality because we understand the investment is in the installation costs, and no one wants to deal with an unhappy customer’s warranty call. We start with the best possible raw materials available to produce all of our grasses, and we absorb the extra costs of those top shelf raw materials in order to give you a better product. We are proud to provide a non-toxic, low-maintenance, lead-free, top shelf products that contribute to the water conservation movement in America.

Top Notch Manufacturing

Top Notch Manufacturing: We are committed to top notch manufacturing! We start with the best raw materials available to the market, and utilize an old school manufacturing process that is still very much hands on at every stage of the process. Our manufacturing is not geared towards efficiency and time savings, but geared towards strength, quality, and product longevity.

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