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Pacific Coast Enviro Turfs installs the best turf on the market. We are the industry leader in artificial grass installation with over a decade of experience. We have a stellar reputation with plenty of satisfied customers. We are so confident that our artificial grass is the best synthetic grass on the market today, that we back up our reputation with up to a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. So not only will you love how your turf looks, you will enjoy your new lawn stress free for many years to come.

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Pacific Coast Enviro Turfs artificial grass is saving the nation’s water thousands of gallons at a time. The average 15’x15′ bermudagrass lawn uses over 8000 gallons of water per year. So, take pride in knowing you are saving money and helping conserve our precious water when enjoying your new low maintenance grass.

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Find the Best Artificial Grass Installation Contractors in the USA

Book your artificial grass installation services and stay close to nature. The USA is spread over a large land escape and that is why its different states have different weathers and seasons. In the extreme climate conditions in some states, it is difficult to grow natural plants and grass on the lawn or around naturally. In such conditions, artificial turf is the best solution. Many types of artificial grass are available in the market so, you can choose from a list of grass that will best suit the climate and weather too. 

Because it is artificial grass made of synthetic, it lasts for a very long time. It also requires periodic maintenance and cutting. You need to shape up the grass after some time for better quality control. 

Artificial grass installation is a process of fixing and fitting the thick artificial turf on the lawn surface or on the terrace garden to add some greenery to the residential building or a commercial office building. It spreads positivity and happiness among people. And at offices, it modifies the look and creates a beautiful ambiance. 

Are you living in the Phoenix city of Arizona and looking for artificial grass installation in Phoenix? Then no need to worry anymore as now, you can hire the most trusted contractors to do this job professionally. 

Choose from different services packages based on your requirements. You can get the artificial grassing done in your residential or commercial place without wasting much time or money. An appropriate service package will cover all your needs and requirements. Make sure you discuss everything in detail before making your decision. 

The best thing is that artificial turf doesn’t need regular maintenance, it doesn’t even need regular fertilization or mowing. But it still requires some periodic maintenance to keep the good quality maintained. 

So, as a smart decision, you can opt for artificial turf installation in Phoenix and you can add some natural and bright colors to your lawn or terrace. It has been observed that people who live near the greenery sustain a happy life as compared to those who live in the urban areas. 

Green plants and grass keep the human mind calm and more focused on work. 

Turf installation in the Arizona state of America is helping in creating the environment beautiful through artificial grassing. Because of the extreme weather conditions, it is really difficult to grow grass naturally and even if it is done with precautions still it will require gallons of water to maintain it. 

Scottsdale is a desert city in Arizona, and its humid & hot weather doesn’t allow its citizens to grow grass and other green plants naturally. Some specific plants that can survive in the deserts with low consumption of water can only be worked out. But to make the city green and environmentally beautiful, you need to do artificial grass installation in Scottsdale, Arizona. Adding more and more green color in the desert places or nearby makes it easier to survive and live. It also saves gallons of water to fulfill the need of people living in the city.  

Hire a Professional Contractor

Although artificial grassing can be done by oneself with some knowledge of the technique yet, it is highly advisable that if you want to get the artificial turfing done in your lawn area then, you must hire a professional contractor to fix it. Because a skilled individual from the same industry knows how to handle various challenges during turf fixation. Although, their charges are affordable for one and all and you get quality results.


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Feel free to walk around, play fetch with the family pets, or have your kids invite friends over for play day. Our turfs are engineered for high durability, and can withstand heavy and consistent foot traffic. Our turfs are non-toxic and lead free. None of our turfs contain synthetic latex which can cause allergic reactions in certain people.