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Pacific Coast Enviro Turf-is an artificial grass manufacturer formed by Licensed Contractors, for discerning landscapers, developers, and industry customers- The ones that understand how much of an impact great customer service, and superior products, have on their job projects, and day to day operations.


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Great customer service starts with great communication. With Pacific Coast Enviro Turfs your questions will always be answered and you will always be up to date on order status. On the mark; We are licensed contractors that understand the importance of on time deliveries, there is nothing worse than having to pay a crew of guys to stand around because your order is not there when it is supposed to be. Our deliveries are always on time and on site as scheduled.

In a Pinch? We are here to help and support you with your projects. If you find yourself in a tight spot, answers to questions and emergency product delivery are just a phone call away. We understand how important it is to closeout those jobs! Pacific Coast Enviro Turf will assist you in any way we can because we invest in relationships.

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Grass installation contractors are high in demand these days because of the rise in the need for artificial turf in both residential and commercial applications. Artificial turf is the next generation technology keeping in close with the green environment movement; saving water resources, and eliminating the use of
harmful chemicals that come in the form of fertilizers and weed removers. Artificial turf is nearly maintenance free, and eliminates the need for mowers
and line trimmers, that burn harmful oil byproducts straight to the sky.

In the Global Environment development is taking place in every corner of the inhabitable earth. It takes Billions of gallons of water to provide the required moisture and minerals to the plants and grass. Maintaining real grass and plant beds is a costly and time-consuming task. The utilization of artificial grass in place of real grass and other vegetated plant beds takes a big bite out of this problem.

High quality artificial grass is made with thick threads of synthetic material. It is durable, cost effective, and lasts for a long time. Different types of grass qualities, materials, sizes, and designs are available in the market to suit your application. From grasses used for sports arenas, to residential yards, school
playgrounds, commercial common space areas, to name a few. In most scenarios artificial turf will pay for itself in recuperated costs associated with the
maintenance of real grass in 2 to 3 years. Schedule your appointment with one of our professionals today for a FREE ASSESSMENT, to see if artificial turf is a good fit for your needs.

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You can hire artificial turf installers at Pacific Coast for quality results. It is always advantageous to hire a professional artificial turf installer because a
professional has years of experience in handling different types of turfing conditions that vary from one geographic area to another. Professionals utilize
industry-guided tools and equipment to ensure the project is done correctly, optimizing the performance and durability design aspects of the artificial turf. 

As a Result of drought, maintenance, weather conditions, and growing legal requirements, the majority of people are now opting for artificial turf.
Artificial turf will save you time, and money, typically paying for itself in about 2 to 3 years. It will contrast the same natural green grass colors into your yard with little to no maintenance.

Artificial turf is very cost-effective.  It saves the precious water resources we desperately need, its low maintenance cost, consistent color, and surface
texture makes it a reliable part of your landscape. Contact us and hire a professional to schedule your installation today. turf professional online.

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A: Absolutely! We do not sell used grass!

A: Absolutely! The Pacific Coast Enviro Turfs is the best price for the type of turf it carries!

A: Absolutely! Our grass is perfect for pets with holes at the bottom to allow drainage! In fact, every pet loves them so much even customers' chickens!

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