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Pacific Coast Enviro Turf-is an artificial grass manufacturer formed by Licensed Contractors, for discerning landscapers, developers, and industry customers- The ones that understand how much of an impact great customer service, and superior products, have on their job projects, and day to day operations.


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Great customer service starts with great communication. With Pacific Coast Enviro Turfs your questions will always be answered and you will always be up to date on order status. On the mark; We are licensed contractors that understand the importance of on time deliveries, there is nothing worse than having to pay a crew of guys to stand around because your order is not there when it is supposed to be. Our deliveries are always on time and on site as scheduled.

In a Pinch? We are here to help and support you with your projects. If you find yourself in a tight spot, answers to questions and emergency product delivery are just a phone call away. We understand how important it is to closeout those jobs! Pacific Coast Enviro Turf will assist you in any way we can because we invest in relationships.

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Grass manufacturing contractors are high in demand these days because of the rise in the need for artificial grassing. Artificial turf or artificial grass is the next generation technology to stay close to the green environment without wasting the natural resources and keeping yourself close to nature. 

Today, civilization and development are taking place in every corner of the land available on the earth. Because of artificial development, we are getting apart from the natural resources day by day. And that is why the government, NGOs, and several individuals have initiated bringing the green effect back again. But it takes gallons of water to provide the required moisture and minerals to the plants and grass. And still, it turns out to be a costly and time-consuming task to maintain the quality of grass and plants.

The problem was rising rapidly and that is why some of the companies came up with the concept of artificial turf manufacturer in history. It didn’t just solve the purpose but it also gave long life to the natural green environment. 

The artificial grass is made with thick threads of synthetic material that is quite durable and lasts for a long time. Different types of grass qualities, materials, sizes, and designs are available in the market. 

Artificial turf doesn’t just look good in your lawn area or on the terrace garden but it also helps in saving gallons of water. The normal grassing process takes long hours to fix in the given area and it requires lots of water daily because its maintenance process is continuous. So, by opting for the artificial grass manufacturing process, one can play a crucial role in saving lots of water. 

Turfgrass is of different types and it is available in various markets based on geographical weather conditions and natural environment. Though it is artificial grass yet, it can get harmed by excessive weather conditions. These are the different types of the turfgrass;

  • Bent Grass
  • Common Bermudagrass 
  • Dichondra Grass
  • Fine Fescues 
  • Hybrid Bermudagrass 
  • Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass Mix
  • Kikuyu Grass
  • Ryegrass 
  • St. Augustine Grass 
  • Tall Fescues
  • Zoysia Grass
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You can hire artificial turf manufacturers on Pacific Coast for quality results. It is always advantageous to hire an artificial turf manufacturer in your city because he has years of experience in handling different types of grassing needs of clients. And most importantly they use industry-guided tools and equipment that help them to do their job with perfection and to do it safely. 

The professionals also take care of the safety measures as directed by the government. So, you don’t need to worry about their safety precautions too. 

You will find a great trend of artificial grass on the Pacific Coast. Because of the weather and other factors affecting the grassing process, the majority of people are now opting for artificial turf. This way they are saving their time and also, they keep the greenery in their surroundings. 

If you are living in Arizona or nearby then, you can get artificial grass installation in Arizona to keep your surroundings green and natural. Because of the extremely hot weather condition in Arizona, it is difficult to maintain the health of natural grass for a long time. And that is why artificial grass is the best option to decorate the residential and commercial areas. 

Artificial turf is very cost-effective and its maintenance cost is also quite affordable for everyone. To make this process even simpler, you can contact and hire a professional in your city and get the quality work done. Hire an artificial turf professional online.  

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A: Absolutely! We do not sell used grass!

A: Absolutely! The Pacific Coast Enviro Turfs is the best price for the type of turf it carries!

A: Absolutely! Our grass is perfect for pets with holes at the bottom to allow drainage! In fact, every pet loves them so much even customers' chickens!

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