Buy Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf

Artificial Pet Turf Overview

Feel free to walk around, play fetch with the family pets, or have your kids invite friends over for play day.  Our turfs are engineered for high durability, and can withstand heavy and consistent foot traffic. Our turfs are non-toxic and lead free.  None of our turfs contain synthetic latex which can cause allergic reactions in certain people. Enviro Apple Green features a balanced mix of olive green, and apple green, turf fibers that emulate an extremely realistic looking South western springtime/summer grass. Made with one of the strongest yarns on the market it will last through all types of wear and weather. This durable synthetic turf is ideal for all high traffic areas.  The Enviro Apple Green is a little shorter than our Field green making it easier for pet owners to clean. The slightly shorter cut is also ideal for playgrounds.

Buy Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf

Pet-friendly artificial grass is the best option to cover your lawn area while keeping in mind the comfort of your pet. You would always want to make the best quality provisions for your pet to stay healthy and happy roaming around in the lawn area. But pets get hurt, experience injuries, and get irritated because of the rough and uneven lawn space in the backyard of the house. 

But you can change this scenario by opting for pet-friendly synthetic turf installation to give your pet a new, soft, and secured lawn space to run on or play. 

But the biggest challenge here is to find out the best-suited pet-friendly artificial turf to install. Today, a variety of synthetic artificial grass is available in the market. You can choose one based on the quality you want for your lawn. 

The artificial turf is installed after infilling process. You can use silica infill to cover the base as it applies antimicrobial coating on the surface that protects it from microbes and bacteria. The whole process takes a couple of hours but it is quite necessary to do it professionally because if there will be any margins or uneven fits then in the rainy season you may have to face several issues. So, get it done with the help of a professional contractor. 

Consider these factors before selecting the pet-friendly grass, it will help you to choose the appropriate turf; 

Plan for It

The first and important step in any process is Planning. So, before selecting the artificial turf make sure you have a plan for the installation of pet-friendly turf. Pen down all your needs and actions to be taken for this job and consider all the internal and external factors.  

Measure Your Lawn Area to Be Covered 

It is necessary to measure the lawn length and width to have an idea that how much artificial turf you need to cover the available space. And if, there are any uneven spaces to be covered. 

Contact Your Contractor 

It is a very important step to follow because here also you need to follow a vital process of selecting the right contractor who can do your job professionally. After selecting a contractor, you need to discuss all your requirements in detail with him and have a rough budget of the installation process along with the material to be used. 

Compare the Quality 

After the discussion, now you can compare all the available artificial synthetic turf qualities. And then you can make your decision which one would be more pet-friendly turf with a soft touch. 


Once you have gone through the whole process, now is a time to finalize the selection process and move forward to the installation process. Have quality supervision over the whole process to get the desired results in the end. 

The artificial pet turf installation takes place after the infilling of silica. It holds the base strongly while the turf installation process takes place and it also prevents the artificial grass material from bacteria and microbes as we have discussed above as well. A thick layer of artificial turf is placed on the infilling. 

Artificial turf installation takes a couple of hours to cover all the targeted areas. Though, contractors face several problems during installation. Installation of the small turf pieces to cover the uneven patches take more time and require professional skills to handle such challenges. 


But once it is completed your pet is free to roam around and have fun all over. And it is easier to clean the turf because of the systematic installation.