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Our products are all manufactured with a triple layer enhanced backing with ‘Turf Lock’ integrated yarns and thatch. The process makes our turfs extremely resistant to pull out and flattening. Our ‘Turf Lock’ method creates a centralized texturing and nerve effect within the yarn and thatch bundles that allows it to stand itself back up after use. Once our turfs have been removed from their delivery and storage conditions, are installed, and properly brushed, will require minimal maintenance.

With the touch and look of Pacific Coast Enviro Turf, we pair the most durable yarn combinations with the strongest backings, offering unrivaled strength for extended use and years of enjoyment. Pacific Coast Enviro Turf’s premium line of artificial landscape grass is perfect for residential, commercial, pets, playgrounds, and more! Spend less time on your landscaping and more time relaxing in it.

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Manufacturing Process

Top Notch Customer Service

Great customer service starts with great communication. With Pacific Coast Enviro Turfs your questions will always be answered and you will always be up to date on order status. On the mark; We are licensed contractors that understand the importance of on time deliveries, there is nothing worse than having to pay a crew of guys to stand around because your order is not there when it is supposed to be. Our deliveries are always on time and on site as scheduled.

In a Pinch? We are here to help and support you with your projects. If you find yourself in a tight spot, answers to questions and emergency product delivery are just a phone call away. We understand how important it is to closeout those jobs! Pacific Coast Enviro Turf will assist you in any way we can because we invest in relationships.